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C1 Auberive



The intercommunal group for the management of Auberive’s forests


General information on the forests of the Auberive public forest. 

Forest communityMixed beech-oak-hornbeam forest, particularly rich in tree species (24 sp. in total)
Total forest area16 500 ha, the SIGFRA represents 8030 ha
Main management typeUneven-aged continuous cover (20 years conversion from coppice-with-standards)
Total volume (2008)176 m3/ha
Annual growth4.2 m3/ha
Annual Use (volume harvested)3.5 m3/ha
Altitude300–500 m a.s.l.
OwnershipLocal communities
Geology and substrateLimestone and marls
Protected area (total)123 ha special forest reserve (two reserves of 76 and 47 ha)
245 ha ‘ageing’ islands (85 ha set-asides, 160 ha ageing islands sensu stricto)
SAC 11 465.5 ha
SPA 11 528.2 ha
169 ha Special habitat protection
Nature protection area (Natura 2000)410 ha
Protective functionNA