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C19 'Gut Poitschach'

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Nature-based forestry with single tree fellings


General information on the Gut Poitschach.

Forest communityMixed mountain forests with spruce (Picea abies), beech (Fagus sylvatica), silver fir (Abies alba), larch (Larix decidua), pine (Pinus sylvestris), and several broadleaves
 Total forest area852 ha
Organisational structure2 forest districts – 60 % of one forester (40 % external work) forested
OwnershipPrivate property
Main management typesSelection cutting system with single tree selection
Total volume> 400 m³/ha
Annual growth10 m³/ha
Annual harvested volume7–8 m³/ha
Deadwood (standing and lying)No inventory yet, many biotope trees (mainly old beech)
AltitudeBetween 580–1200 m
ClimateModerate climate of the southern intermediate alps, annual precipitation 1200 mm
Geology and soil typesQuartzphyllite and mica slate, Quaternary, bogs – Soil types mainly brown earth to podzol
Protected area (total)Over 5 ha swamps and bogs and surrounding forest protected by own decision
Nature protection area (Natura 2000)No
Protective functionProtection forest 75 ha