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C18 Woziwoda



Educational and social functions of forests in northern Poland


General information on the forests of Woziwoda Forest District.

Total forest area13 830 ha
Organisational structure12 forestry units
Main management typesMainly Scots pine forest managed according to multifunctional principles
Total standing volume3 745 000 m³
Annual growth7.7 m³/ha
Annual cut74 000 m³ or 5.4 m³/ha
Deadwood (standing and lying)45 925 m³ (3.3 m³/ha) of which 14 822 m³ is lying and 31 103 m³ is standing
Altitude60–100 m a.s.l.
Ownership85 % state forests
15 % private forests, church forests, and municipal forests
SoilsSmall scale mosaic of sandy, marly or clayey soils, mostly nutrient rich; 50 % of soils are largely impenetrable for fine roots, 75 % are sensitive to soil damage by forestry machines
GeologyPredominantly acidic soil (glacial sands)
Protected areasSix nature reserves (254 ha)
42 nature monuments
Special designated ecological areas (321 ha)
Nature protection area (Natura 2000)14 815 ha
Protective function776.6 ha