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C21 Val di Susa



Management of multifunctional forests in the heart of the western Italian Alps


General information on the forests of the Upper Susa Valley Forest Consortium.

Total forest area18 600 ha
Total volumeUp to 500 m3/ha
Annual growthUp to 2.2 m3/ha
Annual cutting rate3000 m3
Main management typesGroup and single tree selection cutting, group cutting
DeadwoodUp to 20 m3/ha
Elevation600–2400 m a.s.l.
ClimateMean annual temperature 7.4°C (range 2.9–10.1 °C), annual precipitation 960 mm (range 650–1350 mm)
SoilPredominantly brown soils, generally slightly evolved
Ownership70 % public, 30 % private
Protected areas3985 ha
Natura 2000 areas9232 ha
Protection forests4500 ha