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C11 Christinehof-Högestad Estate

A case from Scania in southern Sweden

General information of the Christinehof-Högestad enterprise.

Forest community Lowland oak/beech and pine forests of the middle European temperate broadleaf zone in south Sweden
Total forest area 7000 ha
Main management type Clearcutting with considerations (according to the Swedish law, a certain amount of the volume must remain for biodiversity – in this case 6 % of the volume); Nature management for biodiversity NS (In management plans I Sweden NS stands for Nature management where the biodiversity needs human intervention (like cattle) to exist; Compared to NO which is Nature untouched)
Total volume 200 m³/ha
Annual growth 8.5 m³/ha
Annual harvest 7.2 m³
Dead wood In Ecopark 20–40 m³/ha;
In plantation forest 5 m³/ha
Altitude 0–100 m
Ownership Private
Geology Glacial soils from sand to clay
Protected areas Christinehof Ecopark 1000 ha private protected area; 6%, respectively 420 ha of productive forest are FSC certified with a special status
Nature reserves (national) Fyledalen (853 ha); Verekeån (1131 ha)