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C5 Kandern City Forest

A traditional multifunctional community forest

General information on the city forest of Kandern.

Forest community Mixed mountain forests and beech / oak forests in the lower parts
Total forest area 887 ha
Main management types Selection cutting system/‘Femel-cuttings’ and small-scale gap clearcuts < 0.6 ha (oak management)
Total volume 371 m³/ha
Annual growth 8.7 m³/ha
Annual use 8.5 m³/ha
Deadwood (standing and lying) 18.2 m³/ha
Altitude 350–711 m
Ownership Community forest
Geology Black Forest bedrock (sandstone – on 200 ha); Rest ‘Markgräfler hills’ (clayish soil types – fine clay, little clay or marl soils)
Nature protection area (including Natura 2000) 295 ha
Forests with protective function 887 ha. The whole area has a protective function. Some parts of the forest have multiple protective functions (water and habitats)
Climate protection service per year 7.170 to CO2-equivalent by storage in the forest, in long-lived forest products and substitution effects