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C8 Nyon-St-Cergue

A case from western Switzerland

General information on the forests of Nyon-St-Cergue.

Forest community Côte du Jura: mixed beech (Fagus sylvatica), and silver fir (Abies alba). Mountain forests: mixed Norway spruce (Picea abies), silver fir, and beech
Total forest area 1391 ha
Main management types Progressive shelterwood cutting (“coupe d’abri cuttings”) (Côte du Jura) and selection cutting system (mountain forests)
Total volume 250 m³/ha (Côte du Jura), 340 m³/ha (mountain forests)
Annual growth 6.2 m³/ha (Côte du Jura), 5.4 m³/ha (mountain forests)
Annual use 4.3 m³/ha (1977–2016: 3273 m³ by Nyon and 2650 m³ by St-Cergue)
Deadwood (standing and lying) 12–15 m³/ha
Altitude 600–1500 m
Ownership Community forest
Geology Hard limestone (Malm era), often outcropping with different karst forms (lapiez); marly limestone; Quaternary moraine on the Jura slopes
Forest reserves 70 ha (in progress)
Old-growth islands 32 ha (in progress)
Habitat trees 150 (in progress)
Protective function 43 ha