The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Snow and Landscape Research WSL

C20 Zvolen

Multifunctional deciduous forests in a university forest enterprise of Slovakia

General information on the forests of the University Forest Enterprise Zvolen.

Total forest area 20 418 ha (all)
9 716 ha (University Forest Enterprise) irregular group shelterwood, group and single-tree selection systems
Main management types small-scale shelterwood system, irregular shelterwood system
Total volume 292 m³/ha
Annual growth 6.5 m³/ha
Annual use 5.4 m³/ha
Deadwood 9.2 m³/ha (standing – 2.8 m³/ha; lying – 6.4 m³/ha)
Altitude 250–1026 m a.s.l.
Ownership state forests
Geology andesite, pyroclastic parent rocks
Protected area (total) Nature reserves – 450.8 ha
Nature protection area (Natura 2000) 1329.53 ha
Function of the forests 80 % of the University Forest Enterprise has the status of special purpose forests, 14 % of protection forests, and 6 % are forests with production function