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C3 Rold Skov

Active measures aiming at integrating nature conservation elements in a multifunctional forest

General information on the forests of the State Forest Rold Skov. 

Total state forest area 2300 ha (500 ha is open nature types and 400 ha set-aside forest area; timber production on 1400 ha)
Main management types Irregular group shelterwood, group and single-tree selection systems
Total volume 230 m³/ha (568.000 m³ in total)
Annual growth 9.7 m³/ha/a (24 000 m³ in total)
Annual cutting rate 8.0 m³/ha
Deadwood no inventory on forest level
Ownership State forest
Climate 8.6 °C mean annual temperature, 790 mm mean annual precipitation
Soils Gravel moraine sandy, well drained, and with a relatively low nutrient content. In the northern part calcareous subsoil is found close to the ground surface.
Protected area 600 ha forest set-aside including open nature types
Natura2000 area The whole of Rold forest is Natura2000