The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Snow and Landscape Research WSL

C23 Tamins

Forest management and the woods of a municipality in Switzerland

General information on the forests of Tamins municipality.

Forest community Wide range from broadleaved dominated to conifer dominated stands
Total forest area 2119 ha
Main management types Irregular group shelterwood, group and single-tree selection systems
Total volume 305 m³/ha
Annual growth 6000 m³ (on the entire area)
Annual use 4800 m³ (on the entire area)
Deadwood (standing and lying) Not known
Altitude 566–2100 m
Ownership Community forest
Geology Mainly limestone with some crystalline zones
Forest reserves 156 ha
Old-growth islands 13 ha
Habitat trees 0 (so far)
Protective function Prevent avalanches, rock fall, mudslide and flood