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C7 Piwniczna

Multifunctional mountain forests: an example from southern Poland

General information on the forests of Piwniczna FD.

Forest community Mostly fertile beech (Fagus sylvatica) forests, smaller areas occupied by silver fir (Abies alba) forests
Total forest area 13 275 ha
Main management types Complex cutting systems, mostly irregular shelterwood system
Total volume 343 m³/ha
Annual growth 9.1 m³/ha
Annual use 7.75 m³/ha
Deadwood (standing and lying) Total – 20.8 m³/ha (standing – 7.4 m³/ha, lying – 13.4 m³/ha)
Altitude 336 m – 1265 m
Ownership State Forests
Geology Carpathian Flysch – a mix of sandstones and shales
Protected area (total) Nature reserves – 430 ha; landscape park covers 99 % of the area of Piwniczna FD
Nature protection area (Natura 2000) Special area of conservation (SAC; PLH120019) – 13 099 ha Special protection area (SPA; PLB180002) – 174 ha; in total 99 % of the Piwniczna FD
Protective function 98 % of the Piwniczna FD has the status of ‘protection forests’