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C32 Bad Windsheim

Maintaining insect diversity in oak dominated coppice forests

General information on the Bad Windsheim forests.

Total forest area 1480 ha; high forest 1034 ha // cws 369 ha
Main management types Coppice with standards (cws)
Total volume High forest: 221 000 m³ // cws 40 933 m³
Annual growth High forest: 7.0 m³/ha // cws: 2.0 m³/ha
Cutting rate High forest: 5.8 m³/ha; 6000 m³ // cws: 12.3 ha per year; 980 m³
Deadwood ca. 15 m³/ha
Ownership Community forest
Climate 9.2 °C mean annual temperature, 595 mm mean annual precipitation
Geology Mostly Keuper – gypsum and dolomite marls, clay- and sandstones that were deposited during the Middle and Late Triassic epochs (about 220 million years ago)
Soils Small-scale mosaic of sandy, marly or clayey soils, mostly nutrient rich
Natura2000 area Special Areas of Conservation (SAC): 750 ha
Special Protection Areas (SPA): 294 ha