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C29 Serra de Llaberia

A case of local applied management of fire-prone ecosystems from northeastern Spain

General information on forests of Serra de Llaberia.

Forest community Pinus halepensis forests (4731 ha), Quercus ilex forests (772 ha), Pinus nigra forests (173 ha), Quercus faginea forests (120 ha), Pinus pinea forests (18 ha), broadleaved species forests (19 ha), shrublands (2548 ha), grasslands (213 ha), abandoned crops (122 ha)
Total forest area 9451.63 ha
Main Management types Thinning, prescribed burns, and grazing
Use Forest and shrublands (9173 ha), agriculture land (846 ha), infrastructure (53 ha), and bare rock (279 ha)
Deadwood (standing and lying) Between 5–10 % is left after silvicultural treatments
Altitude From 181 m to 915 m, average 400–480 m
Ownership Public (1108 ha, 11 %)
Private (7674 ha, 74 %)
Private with custody agreements (1567 ha, 15 %)
Altitude 600–1500 m
Geology Limestones and clays of Jurassic and Triassic rocks, with poorly developed soils
Protected area (total) 10 350 ha
Nature protection area (Natura 2000) 10 350 ha