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C13 Dikchan

Multifunctional forestry in Bulgaria – the experience of a State Hunting Unit

General information on the forests in State Hunting Enterprise Dikchan.

Total forest area (incl. private and municipal) 20 857.6 ha
Total state-owned forest areas 18 306 ha
Main forest types Coniferous and mixed coniferous-broadleaved forests
Altitude 400 to 1750 m a.s.l.
Main silvicultural system Selective cutting system
Average wood stock 235 m³/ha
Average annual increment 3.94 m³/ha
Ownership State, community-owned and private forest
Forest reserves 77.4 ha
Natura 2000 Protected areas 15 523.9 ha
Protective forest function 3084.7 ha
Old-growth islands 32 ha (in progress)
Habitat trees 150 (in progress)
Protective function 43 ha